Conditioning Drills

The following drills can be used for conditioning and to give rowers an opportunity to practice technical components of a race and and race intensity.

See also, weekly practices

Steady state rowing

Practice the rowing technique and work on aerobic conditioning with low stroke rate, continuous rowing. Row for as long as possible, possibly for the entire practice, without stopping. New teams may use pair rowing with steady state if they are unable to row as a team for long periods of time.

Steady state rowing should be the bulk of the weekly workouts.

Medium and long intervals

Work on conditioning by practicing at slightly higher higher stroke rates for long periods of time (4-20 minutes) with rest between each interval. Do these once per week but only if technique allows. Medium and long intervals are good for simulating and preparing for a race.

Short intervals and sprints

Short intervals and sprints are good for:

  • Improving aerobic capacity
  • Building anaerobic capacity and ability to perform when tired with high lactic acid
  • Working on race intensity
  • Practicing starts and finish pieces

These intervals are 30 seconds to 4 minutes in duration with rest between and should be performed at a high, or very high, intensity and concentration. They should not be attempted until rowers have a base of fitness and technique – close to race season.

Rowers MUST maintain adequate technique; stop when they can’t.